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                About Us

                SECCO Vision


                SECCO will become a world best company by achieving a competitive edge in all aspects of our business. We will be recognised as a leader in safety and environment and the company of first choice for our employees and customers.


                SECCO Value

                Health/Safety/Security/ Environment
                Everyone who works for SECCO is responsible for delivering HSSE performance. SECCO is committed to: No accident, no harm to people, no damage to the environment.
                We believe building trust with our employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders lays the cornerstone for our success.
                We pledge to meet the highest ethical and professional standards of business conduct in all business dealings.
                We are committed to personal, cultural, social, environmental and financial accountabilities. Managers are responsible for ensuring that teams’ objectives are met, and that every team member is accountable for delivering the commitment.
                We give our employees the responsibility and the authority to achieve a result while providing clear boundaries within which they should work. Empowerment is allowing flexibility in the way that the best result is achieved.
                Continuous Improvement
                We never cease learning. We actively seek out ways to improve every aspect of our business to build sustained competitiveness.

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