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                Feature News

                Gong Dao’an, Director of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Visited SECCO for Inspection Date:2017-09-12    By:SECCO

                Accompanied by Yu Liangru, Deputy director of SCIP management committee, and Liu Haiming, Political commissar of SCIP public security bureau, Gong Dao’an, Director of Shanghai public security bureau visited SECCO for inspection on 9 August, SECCO’s General Manager Wu Haijun and other relevant responsible persons warmly received them.


                Escorted by SECCO party, leaders from the public security system visited the CCR.  Wu Haijun made detailed introduction about SECCO productivity, technological process, management idea, security management, counter-terrorism work, smart factory startup and other aspects.   Gong Dao’an fully recognized SECCO’s paying high attention to public security and counter-terrorism work, asking SECCO to actively play a leading and exemplary role in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park besides self development.


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