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                Feature News

                SECCO Won Honorable Title of Y2017 “Economic Benefit” and “Labor Efficiency per Capital” Excellent Company from Sinopec Group Date:2018-02-08    By:SECCO

                On January 31, Sinopec Y2018 refining and chemical working meeting was held in Beijing. The meeting requested to use Xi Jinping’s thought of new era socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to comprehensively ascertain arrangement of Sinopec Group working meeting, stay true to the mission, and strive to create a new situation of refining and chemical business development in new era.


                In order to further summarize work, set modals and encourage the advanced, the meeting commended refining and chemical Y2017 “economic benefit”, “benefit creating and advancement” and “labor efficiency per capital” excellent companies. SECCO won honorable titles of Y2017 “economic benefit” and “labor efficiency per capital” excellent company.


                In the future, SECCO will make persistent efforts, strive to improve personnel efficiency, organization efficiency and asset efficiency, always remember the mission and write new magnificent chapters. (Party & Masses Affairs Department)


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