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                Feature News

                Survey Team of Counsellor’s Office of the State Council Came to Date:2018-09-26    By:SECCO

                On Sep 26, accompanied by Ma Jing, director of Management Committee of SCIP, the survey team of Counsellor’s Office of the State Council came to SECCO for investigation. Party Committee Secretary Gao Jinping, General Manager Hao Tongle, Trade Union Chairman and Deputy Party Committee Secretary Kuang Yuxiang, Financial Director Lu Daoqing warmly received the survey team.


                The main purpose of this survey is to explore and study the policies to promote the high quality development of Yangtze River Economic Belt and chemical industry transformation and updating management methods. At the meeting, Ma Jing made the presentations on the overall situations of SCIP. Hao Tongle made the presentations on SECCO conditions, including equity structure, plant configurations, shareholders background, geological location, company vision, values, HSSE cultures and environmental protection measures, etc. of SECCO.        


                After the meeting, the survey team also visited the Central Control Room.  

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