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                Feature News

                SECCO visited Donghae Village to send greetings of the Chung Yeung Festival Date:2018-10-18    By:SECCO

                Being a "good neighbor" in the surrounding community is the social responsibility concept that SECCO has always upheld. On the eve of the Chung Yeung Festival, on October 16, Kuang Yuxiang, Deputy Secretary of SECCO Party Committee and Chairman of Trade Union, led the team to send greetings and gifts of the Chung Yeung Festival to the elderly of Donghai Village.


                Kuang Yuxiang and the relevant leaders of Donghai Village visited three poor families and sent greetings to them. Kuang Yuxiang learned more about these families and sent gifts. Kuang Yuxiang wished these families and the elderly in Donghai Village good health and happy Chung Yeung Festival. Those families and Donghai Village also expressed their heartfelt thanks to SECCO.


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