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                What‘s new

                Feature News

                SECCO visited Donghae Village to send greetings of the Chung Yeung Festival2018-10-18

                Being a "good neighbor" in the surrounding community is the social responsibility concept that SECCO has always upheld. On the eve of the Chung Yeung Festival, on October 16, Kuang Yuxiang, Deputy Secretary of SECCO Party Committee and Chairman...

                Survey Team of Counsellor’s Office of the State Council Came to2018-09-26

                On Sep 26, accompanied by Ma Jing, director of Management Committee of SCIP, the survey team of Counsellor’s Office of the State Council came to SECCO for investigation. Party Committee Secretary Gao Jinping, General Manager Hao Tongle, Trade U...

                SECCO Won Honorable Title of Y2017 “Economic Benefit” and “Labor Efficiency per Capital” E2018-02-08

                On January 31, Sinopec Y2018 refining and chemical working meeting was held in Beijing. The meeting requested to use Xi Jinping’s thought of new era socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to comprehensively ascertain arrangement of...

                SECCO Signed Straight Power Supply Purchase Contract, Assisting Shanghai Electric Power Sy2017-09-28

                2017 Shanghai electric power market trade agreement signing ceremony was hold on the morning of September 27. Witnessed by leaders from Shanghai Economy and Informatization Commission, Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, East China Ener...

                Gong Dao’an, Director of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Visited SECCO for Inspection2017-09-12

                Accompanied by Yu Liangru, Deputy director of SCIP management committee, and Liu Haiming, Political commissar of SCIP public security bureau, Gong Dao’an, Director of Shanghai public security bureau visited SECCO for inspection on 9 August, SEC...

                Shanghai Chemical Plant Emergency Response Integrated Drill was held at SECCO2017-06-23

                In the afternoon on June 22, Shanghai Chemical Plant Emergency Response Integrated Drill, co-organized by Shanghai Administration of Work Safety and SCIP Management Committee, was held at SECCO . Deputy director of General Office of Shanghai Go...
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